Horace Bray
Horace Bray
Horace Bray | Guitarist
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Horace Bray is an NYC based singer-songwriter and instrumentalist. Coming from a background in jazz and improvised music, Horace has become a staple in the New York music scene, playing regularly with artists like John Splithoff, Michael Blume, and Sirintip. Over the past year, however, he began to flourish as a songwriter, preparing to step into the limelight- inspired by musicians including Sufjan Stevens, Nick Drake, and The Milk Carton Kids.

Horace Bray is one of those artists I’m glad I’ve run into in the past and should definitely be one of those voices you should know.
— Nextbop: Anthony Dean Harris




The Golden Warmup and the Major/Minor Spectrum

Horace takes you through his daily regimen that’s designed to get the fingers and mind moving. The practice reinforces a deep knowledge of the fretboard, and progresses in difficulty. The second part explores modern tonality. If you’ve ever heard contemporary players stretching the sound of a simple chord progression and thought, “how do they do that?” — this is the “that.”

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Polyrhythms for Guitar: 3 Over 2

Three over two is the essential polyrhythm — the musical equivalent of tapping your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time. This course will help you master this technique on guitar and integrate it seamlessly into your own musical vocabulary.

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Private lessons with Horace can cover technique, songwriting, rhythm development, musicianship, and more.


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